How to Get Started On WeedGiver

The process is simple, you place your order, make the payment and we ship/deliver. We will talk about how to place an order, how the payment works and the shipping and delivery duration. Do not place an order for trial purposes or when your mind is not made up.

How to Place an Order

Follow these simple steps to know more on how to place your order successfully. Never place an order when you are not ready with the payment to avoid being automatically prohibited by the system, All payments must be made within atmost 24 hours.

Make up your mind

Make sure you are ready, willing and able to pay for your order before placing it. Do not submit an order and start playing games. Our System might permanently prohibit you from using our services.

Placing Your Order Online

Go to the menu, add the desired product(s) to cart, proceed to the checkout page and fill in your information.  The most important information is the Delivery address.

Making the Payment

All payments must be made within at most 24 hours of placing your order. We accept Bitcoin and Altcoins, Bank/Transfer, Wire Transfers and Gift Cards. Click here to Learn How Payment Works.

Shipping, Delivery, and Locations

This is how delivery and shipping works for various locations. We can ship through the US, Canada, Australia, South America, Europe and the UK. There is no meet up for first-time orders.

Delivery within the United States

The shipping duration within the united states is 24 hours to 3 days at most.

Delivery in California and Colorado

Delivery/shipping in California and Colorado can be same day if the order is placed on time. The average shipping time within CO and CA is 24 hours.

Delivery in MJ Legal States

We can ship/deliver to all Cannabis Legal states in 1 to 3 days. Shipping done straight to your doorstep or any address of your choice.

Delivery in all other States

We can send to ALL other states within 3 days. We know the exact packaging tricks to ensure a successful delivery. We have structured all safety measures.

Shipping to All Other Locations
Shipping within Canada.

We can deliver everywhere in Canada. The shipping duration in Canada is from same day to three days.  All Shipments in Canada comes from our Agents within Canada so you don’t have to worry about any custom issues.

Delivery in Australia and UK

We can ship within the UK and Australia within 1 to 3 days.  All shipments come from our sources  already within the country. You do not have to bother about custom issues.

Delivery to all other Locations

Delivery to all other locations will take 4 to 5 days. We can assure a 100% safe and successful delivery thanks to our years of experience in the feild.

Questions you might want answers for

Before contacting us,  check here, you might just find some answers to some of your questions

If you are in Canada, you can easily pay with Bitcoin, Altcoin, bank transfers (for payment over 3000USD), Western Union or Moneygram. Do Not Pay with Gift Cards if you are not located in the US.

If you are in the united states, you can pay with Gift Cards or Bitcoin/Altcoin, those are the best payment method. Bank transfer is also available for Payment over 3000 USD.

  • Perpetual time wasters are prohibited.
  • If you place an order and fail to make the payment within the stipulated time frame, you stand a chance of being prohibited.
  • If you are just playing around, you will be prohibitted
  • If you show disrespect towards our cause, ww will ask you to look elsewhere.

No, you will not get into any trouble placing an order with We have put every measure in place to ensure safety and discretion for all customers. We’ve been in the cannabis industry for a long time, we started small and then grew big. We have a couple of dispensaries, retailers and patients deppending on us. We know the importance of marijuana so we cannot play games with it.

All packages are shipped same day as the payment is made and the tracking number is given to you.

Yes, you can always ask for a refund of your payment. Click here to See our policy page for more information

When we started operating online, we noticed that many customers will place multiple orders and never come through with the payment. Some customers were intentionally spamming the website with a single customer placing as much as 50 orders a day with no intention to fulfull any. These made it very difficult to distinguish the real orders from the fake ones. In order to counteract this, we had to develop a system to which prohibits any customer who places an order but do not pay for it.  The system permanently prohibit such customers from further placing an order or using our services.

Yes, WeedGiver is the most reliable online medical marijuana vendor, plug and supplier of the moment. You can count on us. We treat our customers like we are one big team and as long as you always carry through with your own end of the deal smoothly, you’ll always get the best from us in terms of price and quality.

Most of our clients resent Paying with PayPal or Credit Card because they carry a lot of personal information. All transactions with credit cards are completely traceable. The buyer can be traced right to their doorstep. This is the reason why we cannot accept PayPal or other credit card payments like Venmo etc… Most clients prefer staying anonymous and we think it is safer that way for us both.

Most customers preferred mailing cash which was fine by us but we can noticed for some reasons, that some of the cash shipments never got to us on time. Some, payments came in incomplete.

These caused a lot of problems between clients and us. As a solution to this, we started accepting Gift Cards, they are similar to mailing cash, just that they are quicker, more reliable and discreet.

You simply have to take cash to any Walmart or similar store, load it in a couple of gift cards and upload pictures of the cards. Easy and simple, Gift Cards are the second most discreet payment methods after crypto.

We only receive gift cards from customers within the US. Click here to see more about gift cards

If you are in the US or Canada,

the best way to contact us it via Text Messages to:  (510) 244-4399  (No Calls, always text first)

If you are in any other location, the best way to contact us is via live chat, email to:, wickr: WeedGiver, telegram: WeedGiver.

Click here to go to the contact page

This is because calls will prevent other customers trying to reach us from getting a fast and timely response.  With text messages, we are able to chat with a good number of people at the same time without congestion.

No, not necessarily. Except you have additional questions, you can place and complete your order without saying a word. We will fulfill all orders.