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Weedballer Reviews

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Reviews on WeedBaller

Have you ever wondered how cannabis dispensaries get their supplies? these are weedballer reviews, we will give you a short review on weedballer.com. We will also give you a chance to enter what you think about them there at the bottom.

Is Weed Baller Real? Is WeedBaller Legit,  Can I trust Weedballer.com

Are you asking yourself questions like is weedballer real? Can I trust weedballer.com, is weed baller a legit weed online shop? The simple answer to the about questions is YES!. Never the less every business has its pros and cons. To better understand how WB work, see customers’ reviews below. You can also enter your reviews if you have any suggestions, contributions as well as grievances.


Who is Weedballer?

Weedballer is a California Medical and Recreational marijuana Delivery Service with over 12 years of experience in the 420 industry. Weedballer is made up of medical marijuana growers and consistent suppliers of the best grade flowers and other medical marijuana products. They have highly potent, super fire, first-class dank strains! Rare quality you won’t find even in dispensaries!

Is Weedballer Legit?

The question we often get is, is Weedballer legit? Is Weedballer Real? We will answer the question here below. Weedballer is 2020’s most reliable medical and recreational marijuana licensed vendor online. Weedballer deals with wholesale marijuana delivery. We know that Weedballer is legit because we have worked with them for many years. We have verified their services and we can confirm they are legit.  In fact, we get our supplies wholesale from Weedballer.com


Weedballer is Legit, How they work

Do you know you can make money with Weedballer.com If you are a broker?
After losing so much time and money searching for the ideal grower, we stumbled across Weedballer.com and decided to give it a last try. The last try turned out to be the beginning of this delivery service. Right now, we are the most respectable supplier thanks to Weedballer. We simply present Weedballer.com’s menu to our clients (with a 10 to 25% increase in the donation price), when they order through our service, we, in turn, place the order through Weedballer.com and they ship it directly to our patients. We do not have any marijuana in our possession but we are amongst the most reputable suppliers here in town.

If you have any views or suggestions on Weedballer, please drop them in the review section below.

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14 reviews for Weedballer Reviews
  • 5 out of 5

    Weedballer is honestly one of its kind but just convincing them that you are real and ready to deal is a big issue. I mean, I am the one spending my money and I do not have to try too hard to spend my money, I can choose to spend it elsewhere. I need these guys at WeedBaller to be more open and ready to deal. I had my payment rejected 3 times for reasons I do not know. I had to change my email and IP address to finally get to deal with them. That is super stressful. Their products are good but getting accepted is an issue!

  • 3 out of 5

    I got my order, the product was great, I got the 10 lb package and it was delivered safely. I have a big problem with weedballer’s impatience in dealing. I think they will be the best if only they could be more patient with customers. I only succeeded in dealing with them because i insisted. They keep acting like they do not need the customer when we all know that the customer is always king!!! This really has to change, never seen a business like that!

  • 5 out of 5

    Quick shipping, good product, friendly guys, and professionalism, what more can I ask for from a marijuana dispensary? Weedcaller is the best i have seen so far and above all, they provide me with same day delivery option that has never failed, they are always prompt!

  • 5 out of 5

    Easy to order from weedballer.com website- quick updates and prompt delivery.
    Thank you for a great product!

  • 1 out of 5

    Y’all at WeedBaller can kiss my Balls, I was simply trying to make sure that I was sending my money to the right place but I got banned. All I asked was if they were legit or con men and they told me to look elsewhere. I tried to apologize to them but I never got a response so now i say y’all can go fuck yourselves, it’s your lose!!!

  • 5 out of 5

    I got to know about WeedCaller through a family friend who lives in California. This was my first time dealing with an online supplier and I was super anxious because life in Canada, I was unsure if they could actually ship to Canada Successfully. I was desperate I had to give it a try no matter the doubt I had. It turned out to be a Great deal, a simple ordering process, fast receipt of merchandise, All the products I got met transnational expectations. I will like to order with Weed Caller Frequently but it is not possible as I was limited to only 3 orders per month. I wish I could order often.
    Overall, it’s a 10/10 experience.

  • 5 out of 5

    Been working with WeedBaller for a while now and so far it’s been going great. I love working with them because it is easier for me to get Cali Grade extracts sent to me here in NY without making a trip. The only concern I have with this supplier is shipping. I always have to work with the shipping service closely in order to receive my package. If you ask me I think this is the job of the shipper. Even though I always receive my packages at the end, it is extra work for me. I still deal with Weedballer because I have not found a better supplier.

  • 5 out of 5

    Ever since I found WeedBaller online through a google search, my entire business have changed. WeedBaller have been a blessing to me. I really appreciate the role they are playing in the 420 industry.

  • 4 out of 5

    I always come to Weedballer to take advantage of their bulk deals. I must admit they have the lowest prices i have seen in a while. When it comes to operations and flexibility, weed baller has to work on quicker adaptable, more flexible to last minute changes. One time i placed an order but later on change my mind on the strain i earlier chose. I tried to reach out to weedballer.com with hope of changing my order but the efforts were futile because they couldn’t do the change on time. When I got to them, the order was already package and registered they could do nothing, at least they could delay the shipping.

  • 5 out of 5

    It feels good when you finally find that plug you can rely on. It has always been easy for me to find a retail weed shop online but most of them can only give me a zip maximum and I have always needed more. At weedballer, I can get as much as I want, they have me completely covered. No more going from one dispensary to another just to get ounces and sum them up to a lb. With weedballer, it is less work and lower cost.

  • 5 out of 5

    I can’t say enough GREAT things about weedballer’s First and foremost, their products are there most potent i have worked with so far. They have a perfect strains collection and product choices. And don’t forget about the cool packaging that your order comes in plus some bonus products. tags that come with each Package mentioning the grower, batch and dates, looks professional to me.

    The weedballer.com company has an incredible staff who are all knowledgeable. They are always there to answer my questions about taste, smell, and the uniqueness of product on their menu.

    Deals like the 5 lbs deal, the 10 lbs top shelf deals are my favorite. These are the best rates I have seen so far online.

    Thank you Weedballer!

  • 5 out of 5

    Their delivery is very quick, usually one to two days. That’s very much appreciated when I have run out of something and wish to have it right away. They have a wide range of products so I can shop everything in the same place. They’re very trustworthy, great service! I’m truly satisfied! 10 on 10 if you ask me.

  • 3 out of 5

    Their bulk Prices are good definitely but they didn’t even give me the time of day trying to spend several thousands with them and they said look elsewhere. Good job.

  • 5 out of 5

    Weedballer is my kind of vendor, they do not like talking too much, rather they prove themselves through actions. They are always straight to the point, no hovering around. Everything is done quickly and exactly. No excuses. If you are someone who is time cautious, this is the place for you. I always submit a complete bulk order in just one minute! 2 days later its show up at my door. No word exchanged. The only time i ever contact weedballer is when I want to thank them.

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