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Bulkweedstore reviews

Buying bulk weed online is no easy Bizzy, most people have to go through the dangers of the deep web just to get some weed delivered to the anonymously. Bulkweedstore gives you the opportunity to buy quality bulk weed online easily.

Reviews On how to buy Weed on

The process is very much easy as long as you follow their rules closely. If you can do that then you’ll definitely benefit a whole lot from bulkweedstore. They easily ban customers so before starting your buying process, first go through their set of rules governing purchase. we will present you the set of rules to follow in the subsequent paragraphs. Bulkweedstore has a review area where you can state if you are quite satisfied or unsatisfied with their services.

Reviewing Bulkweedstore the Set of rules

It’s pretty easy to follow such rules once you do it for the first time. Returning customers hardly find it difficult to follow these rules. Bulkweedstore is always ready to serve you

Do not submit an order when you are not ready with payment in hand. Just wait until you are ready.

The purchase amount might be limited for a particular customer in times of shortage.

We will only Meet up or give Consignments to customers who have made at least two purchases with us before.

The ordering process is simple, you place your order, make the payment and we deliver. You are either ready or you are not.

No disrespect nor use of racial remarks, no name-calling, mature business-oriented customers only.

No games, no kidding around.

All orders are handled on the website and all payments are made upfront. Absolutely no cash on for first-time buyers

We will only consider Cash on Delivery for returning customers with a good purchase history.

We will not engage in a discussion that is not related to our products or services.

No, time-wasting, no moving in circles, be straight to the point, do not contact us, asking questions with obvious answers, “Can you deliver?”

If you can follow these simple rules then Bulkweedstore has its own commitments towards you.

Reviewing Bulkweedstore word of honor

Follow these set of simple rules to get a quick and easy delivery with

We promise to be helpful to everyone who contacts us in need of our products and services.

We can ship to all locations worldwide.

“We assure all customers that as long as you place an order successfully, we will make sure that your package is delivered no matter your location.

You do NOT necessarily need a Marijuana Card or any Paperwork to purchase. We will be as discreet as you require us to be. Effective packaging is our best strength.

You can place an order without contacting us, that’s fine. You can order anonymously, just the delivery address will do.
Cannabis Online
All orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame.
All our products are of the best quality.
We will send you exactly what you ordered for, no modification on your order.
We promise an overall best experience on”\

Concluding the reviews on Buying weed Online with

Bulkweedstore might have very strict rules, that you should follow but once you can follow them, be sure to get the best services for as long as they are in business. Furthermore, no order ever get missing with bulkweedstore. Once you place an order successfully, be sure to get your package delivered. Amongst the many online dispensaries around, bulkweedstore is the one you can count on.


  1. Clark C. Reply

    Where I come from, everyone relies on bulkweedstore, they are like a lifeline. if they ever go down, it will be a disaster.

  2. Bud Wonder Reply

    The shipping was fast and the products are great. I definitely won’t be shopping else where as vape wholesale supply easy with bulkweedstore Definitely the go-to place for quick urgent delivery when you have a deadline.

  3. Steve002 Reply

    I love human connection and they are so personable! the Bulkweedstore staff is a delight. And they always make sure I have everything. Good job.

  4. Jill Jona Reply

    10/10 review, DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY!

    Having smoked all kinds of carts from street ones, to cheap smoke shops, to some higher end ones, nothing has quite compared to these cartridges. They’re extremely potent and the terpenes they use are amazing, you can really taste the flavor. Although they forgot to send me one of the carts after one was defective it was quickly fixed through very fast and responsive support that made my issue very easy to resolve. We’re all human too, so I understand that mistakes do happen, that’s why I’m not holding it against them especially when they deliver quite possibly the best products I’ve ever had.

  5. Babara Reply

    Amazing customer service, amazing quality of wax, flowers and prerolls for the price they have it. I honestly don’t go to shops anymore I just order from bulkweedshore. Plus they always have great deals going on everyday.

  6. JenA.A Reply

    I completely agree, I am yet to find a dispensary that will match bulkweedstore when it comes to price, there offer whole sale prices indeed. Plus a high variety of products.

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